Government Robot Dog With an HUGE Fully-Auto Big-Ass Gun!

I guessing this gun could be a 50-caliber but there are many weapons experts here to confirm or know what gun the ‘dog’ is firing.

Why is this video so frightening? Kind of takes away the value of our 2A rights, doesn’t it?

The forces of evil can manufacture MILLIONS OF THESE ‘DOGS’ AND FUND THE OPERATION WITH YOUR TAX DOLLARS. And they will.

The left say they are triggered by AR-15s as “assault weapons”. Well these ‘dogs’ should scare the shit out of them. But it won’t because they control them.

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This brief video has really made me reevaluate exactly how much protection our 2A rights can provide us anymore when you get a glimpse what they are planning going forward.

What say you?

h/t Vituperate


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