Gov’t Employees Took Hundreds of Hours of Paid Time Off to Elect Warnock

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A pair of highly paid Atlanta government employees took hundreds of hours of paid time off to consult for Sen. Raphael Warnock’s (D., Ga.) political campaign, a double dip that saw them rake in nearly $100,000.

According to campaign finance records, Phillana Williams and Erica Pines received a combined $97,500 from Warnock during the Georgia Senate runoff elections. Williams and Pines held six-figure salary jobs with the city of Atlanta throughout the election period, during which the operatives took a combined 297 hours in paid vacation time, payroll records provided by the city of Atlanta show.

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The move allowed Williams and Pines to minimize their public service responsibilities as they raked in lucrative payments from taxpayers and the Warnock campaign. A veteran Georgia political operative told the Washington Free Beacon that while congressional staffers often take time off “to lend a hand in the closing weeks of their boss’s campaign,” that time is unpaid.

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“The employee of an unrelated and nonpartisan public office taking paid leave to make a buck on Warnock’s campaign is a bad look for everyone involved,” the operative said.


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