Gowdy to Schiff: GOP Doesn’t Give a Damn What You Think Just Tell the Truth!

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by Thinker

Only people who have something to hide don’t want to tell the truth. So many officials in the highest levels of government that don’t want to share with the president is disheartening. A nation with a new president and for the first time in history the losing party does and says things that if they weren’t recorded, would be hard to believe. Well, Trey Gowdy is beating down the halls for truth and justice… are you supporting him? On ‘Hannity,’ the Republican sounds off on the Democrat calling him one of the ‘four horsemen of this apocalypse.’

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Gowdy Gettin’ Rowdy | Unfilter 285

Pressure is building to wrap the Russia investigation, but we’ll play the clips that demonstrate the US war machine is just starting to ramp up.


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