GREAT MOMENTS IN COGNITIVE DISSONANCE: Liberals Flip Out and Get Owned When They Attack Gohmert Over Electoral Case, Antifa/BLM Comments.

via redstate:

[Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX)] is now appealing to the Fifth Circuit.

But Gohmert also made a comment that set off some on the left. He said that basically the court was saying they had no remedy and that ‘You have to go to the streets and be as violent as Antifa or BLM.”

Some on the left immediately tagged that as Gohmert calling for violence and riots.

They want to go after Gohmert for being concerned the court is leaving people without a remedy. But then they can’t do that without intrinsically admitting that their whole posture on Antifa and the BLM has been a lie for months. They know that Antifa/BLM has been violent for months. Many on the left simply refused to acknowledge it because they agreed with them.



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During the Biden years, the DNC-MSM might pay more lip service to denouncing Antifa, but given their longevity in Portland and Seattle, I doubt they’ll do anything serious to disband them. (And if they did, presumably they would simply morph into a new form given the very long history of leftists using domestic terrorists as their shock troops.)



h/t Ed Driscoll




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