Great Moments In Self-Delusion

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New York Times Publisher: Trump Hates Us, But We’re Fair, Accurate, and Unbiased.

Fresh in the wake of a New York Times factual face-plant over some sort of a non-accusing accuser of Brett Kavanaugh, Times publisher Arthur Gregg Sulzberger accused President Trump of weaponizing the term “fake news” in a talk at Brown University on Monday, which became a 3,400-word Times essay titled “The Growing Threat to Journalism Around the World.”

“When the president decries ‘fake news,’ he’s not interested in actual mistakes. He’s trying to delegitimize real news, dismissing factual and fair reporting as politically motivated fabrications,” Sulzberger claimed.

Speaking of the Fakest News, Sulzberger is walking around claiming the Times doesn’t display any bias in its pages: “We cannot allow ourselves to be baited or applauded into becoming anyone’s opposition or cheerleader. Our loyalty must be to facts, not to any party or any leader, and we must continue to follow the truth wherever it leads, without fear or favor.”

Earth to the latest King Arthur of Times Square: Stop the act. Everyone who reads the Times knows they are Trump’s opposition. Even insiders admit it. 

Not to mention the paper trumpets its biases right in its own pages: How The New York Times Is Distorting American History.



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