Great Video Of Organizational Support For The Migrant Caravan(S)

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by SP

This video offers a strong indication of an organized (but not publicized) big money effort to promote and move the migrant caravan(s) to the US.

I see 2 sides of this:

1)  The right to migrate to a more prosperous area is in conflict with the right to limit capacity flooding from immigrants by the people of the prosperous area who already call that area “home.”

2)  a conscious re-engineering of the worlds social structures just ahead of the collapse.  I believe that the goal is to form an amalgamized population (without national and ethnic identities) that is easier to dominate.  Those-who-would-rule-us-all, need to breakdown group identitifications in the masses.  (Hyper-identification of the elite will continue however)

This is not fair or just.   Looking at this through the lens of “justice,” “basic rights,” and “fairness” will lead to a serious misunderstanding about the dynamics of what is happening here.

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Here we see a conflict between basic right of all beings to adequate food, with the basic right of all beings for a safe living environment.

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*This is not to say that the balance of depleting resources and population overload is not a central driver of immigration.  More that ‘this horse’ is being ridden, consciously, to a specific economic/political end–the consolidation of power in the hands of an elite.  That the admission of unlimited numbers of migrants is sold to a GREEN Meme population as the only possible virtuous position a decent person can hold.


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