Greed? – Comcast Under Fire For Using Bullsh*t Fees To Covertly Raise Rates

by Thinker

For several years now cable and broadband providers have been using hidden fees to covertly jack up their advertised rates. These fees, which utilize a rotating crop of bullshit names, help these companies falsely advertise one rate, then sock the consumer with a significantly higher-rate post sale (often when locked into a long-term contract). The practice also allows the company to falsely claim they’re not raising rates on consumers. They omit that they’re talking about the above the line rate being charged, implying that anything below the line (where real fees like taxes are levied) is outside of their control.

For example, for several years now, CenturyLink has been charging its broadband customers an “internet cost recovery fee,” which the company’s website insists “helps defray costs associated with building and maintaining CenturyLink’s High-Speed Internet broadband network” (that’s what the full bill is supposed to be for). Comcast and other cable companies have similarly begun charging users a “broadcast TV fee,” which simply takes a portion of the costs of programming, and hides it below the line. The names differ but the goal’s the same: falsely advertise one rate, then charge consumers with a higher price.

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Comcast was sued for the practice last year. Amusingly, the company responded to the suit by trying to claim that covertly jacking up their advertised rate was:…ise-rates/

Flashback 2013 – Business News – Comcast Corp, Netflix, Barack Obama

GE to sell rest of NBC stake to Comcast for $16.7 billion (Reuters) – Comcast Corp on Tuesday said it would buy General Electric’s remaining 49 percent equity stake in their NBCUniversal joint venture for about $16.7 billion, speeding up a deal that had not been expected until at least late 2014.

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Comcast’s top merger lobbyist, David Cohen, and President Obama are very cozy — so cozy, in fact, that during a Democrat fundraiser at Cohen’s house, President Obama quipped, “I have been here so much the only thing I haven’t done in this house is have Seder.” (source: Forbes)


Headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is the second-largest broadcasting and cable television company in the world by revenue and the largest pay-TV company, the largest cable TV company and largest home Internet service provider in the United States, and the nation’s third-largest home telephone service provider. Comcast services U.S. residential and commercial customers in 40 states and in the District of Columbia. As the owner of the international media company NBCUniversal since 2011.



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