Greeks to Stage Mass Protest Against Deep State Refugee Chaos for A New World Order

by Thinker

Destroying cultures, nations, religions, families, unity love, one nation at a time by uprooting victims of deep state bombings to countries all over the world. Refugees for chaos and the destruction of “ALL” world cultures to be assimilated into one. Mayor of Greece and the citizens are showing what most already know who have had the victims of wars dropped into their nations by the new world order. Moving people around the globe like cattle and history shows its been going on for a long time starting in Greece.

Wake up world!

History is repeating itself!

reek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is set to be greeted with mass protests when he arrives on the island of Lesbos later tonight. Locals have rolled out banners, shut shops and held a general strike ahead of the visit over his government’s handling of the migrant crisis. More than one million migrants have landed on its shores since the start of the migrant crisis, with thousands still living in and around processing centres.

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The island’s Mayor, Spyros Galinos, said: “The people of Lesbos are exhausted.

“The rhythm of our lives has been shattered by refugees and migrants who now number a third of our population…fear prevails. Women are afraid to leave their homes at night, children are kept locked up indoors because parents are afraid to let them go out and play. No community would put up with this.” Immigration Minister Dimitris Vitsas vowed to slash the number of migrants living on the islands from 15,500 to 6,500.

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Greece could face a fresh influx of migrants as:…ing-point/

Refugees are all part of the plan and last to be bombed is going to be Iran!

Iran Deal: Trump ‘Acts On Orders From Israeli Lobby In Washington’…umpsupport

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ABCNEWS – May 4, 2018: As Rudy Giuliani enters the center ring of the legal fight between President Donald Trump and special counsel Robert Mueller, the former New York City mayor is already anticipating one possible battle – a subpoena for President Trump to testify. “I think it’s 50/50,” Giuliani, the president’s personal attorney, told ABC News regarding the possibility of a subpoena. “But I got to prepare for that 50 percent.”

As ABC News confirmed earlier this week:…read=98647


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