Greg Hunter: The Treasonous Looking Russian Collusion “Hoax” Is Unraveling More Every Day

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Greg Hunter gives The Weekly News Wrap-Up for Friday, May 10th, 2019

President Trump gave an impromptu press conference today after some announcements on what his Administration plans to do to combat spiraling healthcare costs. He laid out the trade dispute with China, talked about North Korea missile testing and accused John Kerry of illegally meddling with Iran.

Also, in the press conference, President Trump was asked about his son’s subpoena to testify to the Senate on the debunked Russia tower meeting that was set up by Democrat opposition research group Fusion GPS. This group helped write the now totally phony “Russian Dossier” paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC. President Trump pointed out the so-called Russia collusion “hoax” that is unraveling more every day. It’s looking more and more like treason, which I have been saying for a couple of years. Trump and his supporters want to know how the “hoax” started and who’s going to take the blame? Trump did this all without the use of a teleprompter and zero notice. Even the press seemed to ask respectful questions that seemed honest for a change.

Everybody says the economy is doing great, but is it really? The yield curve is inverting, and a very big European bank is flashing a warning sign again.

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