Gregory Mannarino – Moment of Implosion Coming, Running Straight into Worst Case Scenario

Trader/analyst Gregory Mannarino says, ” We are now under an umbrella of debt, which can only get worse. It can never be paid back. It keeps getting bigger and bigger. There is going to be a moment of implosion when the debt based economic model cannot function anymore. Then everything grinds to a halt. That’s it, it’s party over.”
Mannarino also says don’t expect the Fed or any other central bank to come in and blow another bubble when this one pops. Mannarino warns, “This time the Fed cannot do anything. There can be no bailout, there can be nothing. The money they lose this time will not come back in their lifetimes. Maybe the next lifetime in whatever system evolves out of this, but in this lifetime, the money people lose this time is never coming back.”
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