Grocery stores need to be designed better for the pandemic

by Responsible_Reveal

Currently, all stores are optimized for shoppers to spend as much time inside the shop as possible so that people buy stuff they initially didn’t intend to. That is the reason we have the milk and eggs aisle furthest away from the entrance, so that you circle through the other aisles to get there. Costco is even worse, they don’t label the aisles with what is present there and instead just number them. Again, here you are forced to either interact with the workers or move through the aisles (not everyone is going to look up the aisle numbers online).

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I get that grocery stores are actually coping well with the virus, instituting senior hours, enforcing social distancing, masks and ramping up their curbside programs and I appreciate all that. But these huge box stores need to seriously consider design changes as well, it’s not like people aren’t buying at these stores — in most places, grocery store sales are way up.

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