Groundbreaking BBC documentary “Unvaccinated” is to be aired on Wednesday

‘Seven anti-vax Britons spend five days living together in a house – where they are bombarded with myth-busting scientific evidence about the vaccine
At end of week, they are taken to a vaccine clinic and offered a jab there and then.

It can’t be trusted. It might damage fertility – or unborn children. It’s been ‘rushed through’ and we’re all ‘human guinea-pigs’. Oh, and it’s ‘a plot to depopulate the Earth’. Sound familiar? All are baseless, yet well-worn claims made about the Covid vaccine.

But can those who hold such ill-informed – and in some instances extreme – opinions ever change their mind? A groundbreaking BBC documentary to be aired on Wednesday sets out to discover just that.

Two months after the experiment, the group meet Prof Fry at St George’s to be offered the jab. But as each of the volunteers make their decisions, it becomes clear that the experiment wasn’t as successful as Prof Fry had hoped.’

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Wonder if the 7 chosen were picked to show us in a bad light.

Will be interesting.


h/t A Deplorable Neanderthal


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