Guess inflation has hit the laundromats too…

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Brazen shoplifters fill garbage bags and a shopping cart with laundry detergent in daylight robbery at grocery store just one mile from the US Capitol

  • Three thieves stole laundry detergent and fabric softeners from a Giant Food grocery store in Washington DC on Tuesday
  • One thief brazenly used a cart to hold all his goodies, alongside his salsa and mayonnaise 
  • Another threw Gain fabric softener into a giant trash bag while a third ran up the aisle with a reusable grocery bag full of items 
  • Witnesses and store employees ignored the thieves and a security guard reportedly did not intervene as they ransacked the store 
  • DC crime is up four percent overall, with violent crimes and robberies up 16 and 38 percent, respectively  
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Brazen shoplifters filled garbage bags and a shopping cart with laundry detergent inside a DC grocery store, located just one mile from the US Capitol.

Three thieves were filmed stealing loads of detergent inside Giant Food grocery store on H Street in DC on Tuesday afternoon as shoppers ignored them.

A video, posted to Twitter by Nathan, who asked to only be identified by his first name, shows the thieves languidly putting in multiple bottles and containers of laundry detergent and fabric softeners into their cart and bags.


h/t Coastie Patriot

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