Guess What’s Happening to Returning ISIS Fighter…That’s Right, Nothing.

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by Mark Angelides

As if Europe didn’t have enough trouble with IS Jihadis being “hidden in plain sight” among the swathes of migrants arriving each year, it’s about to get a lot worse. Young Muslim men who have left their native homes in Sweden and the UK to fight alongside Islamic State and take part in executions, rapes, and butchery are finally returning home. They are bringing their newly discovered lethal skills and hatred with them and yet the governments are refusing to do anything about them.
There are thought to be at least 400 returning fighters (of around 800 in total) in the UK right now (although many say this is a very low estimate), and a lot more due to arrive as IS continues to lose ground. A government source has stated that: “It is a huge challenge for family courts and social care”!!! Yes, you read that correctly. Counter Terror officers believe they can deal with the bulk of the terrorists through the courts as long as “they can prove that they took part in the actual fighting”. And where exactly will they be getting this evidence from? It is a capitulation that will ultimately end with the loss of innocent lives. Absolute proof that they engaged in actual fighting? Who’s going to “eye-witness” them? (Scroll to the bottom for how I think the court dialogue might play out). These damaged, ideologically driven, trained killers will be free on the British streets.
And as for poor, belabored Sweden…they seem to have given up entirely. Has Sweden decided to give ISIS fighters a jail cell? A lengthy prison sentence? A slap on the wrist even? No. They will be given free housing, financial support, education (and training), and a job. If I were a youth in Sweden with few prospects, going to Syria or Iraq for a couple of months might seem like a tempting career move. These ludicrous measures are being trialed in the city of Lund (with other cities to follow) and aim to help returning fighters to reintegrate into society.
“It is much cheaper to reintegrate a person into society than to abandon them” said Anna Sjostrand, the municipal coordinator against violent extremism.
Unfortunately this is neither Fake News or Alternative facts, this is government sponsored suicide. If there is one thing that is guaranteed to give young disillusioned Muslims the final push in their decision to wander into the realms of extremism, it is the knowledge that they will face neither punishment nor recrimination for their acts. Madness, utter madness.
My vision of the court proceedings.
Lawyer: Mohammed 1, did you witness Mohamed 2 engage in actual fighting?
Mohammed 1: Nah mate, I didn’t see nuffink.
Lawyer: Mohamed 2, did you witness Mohammed 1 engage in actual fighting?
Mohamed 2: Nah mate, I didn’t see nuffink.
Lawyer: Well your honor, as you can see, there is no evidence that either  gentlemen engaged in actual fighting and move that they be released into the community with no further delay.
Judge: Sounds fair. Off you go, gents.

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