Guess who launched a CBDC in December?

by squaremild

Ukraine has a weibo-style digital wallet — it’s a vaxxport, it’s a wallet, it’s a digital id, it’s a trap!

WEF loves Central Bank Digital Currencies. The destruction of the petrodollar and the introduction of CBDCs is not mere coincidence–it’s agenda.

cointelegraph .com/news/ukrainian-bank-uses-stellar-to-launch-electronic-hryvnia-pilot

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ambcrypto. com/ukraine-to-push-cbdc-pilot-by-paying-employees-in-digital-hryvnia/ — Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation is planning to compensate its employees with its central bank digital currency [CBDC]. According to Minister Mykhailo Fedorov, this will be possible once the new hryvnia is ready for testing.

According to the government official,

“We have it on the table as one of the first pilots, the payment of salaries to employees of the Ministry of Digital Transformation in electronic hryvnia.” — August 2021


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