Guh: Burry’s Scion Asset Management AUM drop to $41.7 Million.

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by OrcaBull

This would the the second time our beloved Dr. Michael Burry goes Guh.

Here is the link:

Here is the list of his current holdings.

CVS: 200,000 shares. Valued at $16,972,000

Lockheed Martin: 30,000 shares. Valued at $10,353,000. He added to this. Maybe because he foresaw tension with Russia and China.

GEO: 1,158,820 shares. Valued at $8,656,000. He sold some of this.

CoreCivic: 412,126 shares. Valued at $3,668,000 . He sold some of this too.

Dnow: 150,000 shares. Valued at $1,148,000. He added to this. It’s an Oil and Gas equipment supplier.

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Scynexis: 174,030 shares. Valued at $922,000. This is a small company that will become a meme on social media. It is a biotechnology company, delivers therapies for the treatment fungal infections. I picked up some in the after hours.

Michael Burry Closes Bets Against Ark, Tesla and Treasuries

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