Gun grabbers protest at empty NRA offices while massive shootings occurred in gun-controlled cities (including 60 shot in Chiraq)



Media Hogg and company held a protest on Saturday in front of the NRA headquarter office in Fairfax, Virginia. Beyond their typical gun-grabbing demands, the protestors also want the Internal Revenue Service to revoke the NRA’s tax-exempt status and to stop access to downloadable blueprints for 3D-printed guns.

What was happening in gun-controlled, demorat-run cities while these folks were protesting in front of empty NRA offices?

Let’s take a look at some weekend headlines, shall we? (And guess how many of these crimes were committed with 3D-printed guns.)

More from MyFoxChicago:

From Baltimore Sun:

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From WKRN (Nashville):

From The Detroit News:

Spare me the lecture me about how “the NRA has blood on their hands” for deaths caused throughout the country by criminals who do not follow the laws.

Until these gun-grabbers/paid protestors actually show up marching in a demorat-controlled city that has strict gun control laws AND repeated shootings, I’m not going to take their concerns seriously.



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