Gun Hysteria: Oregon police called to disarm cat with ‘assault rifle’

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by Dr. Eowyn

This would be a Tuesday Funny post, it the matter weren’t so ridiculous and distressing.

The Parkland school shooting and the March For Our Lives protests — the DC permit for which, strangely, has different application and issue dates — has whipped up Americans into a gun-control hysteria. As an example, police were called to a high school in Oberlin, Louisiana, because some students thought the square-root symbol resembles a gun.

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But a year before March For Our Lives, Oregonians had already gone loopy over imagined assault weapons.

On April 25, 2017, Oregon’s Newport Police Department received a report of a cat in a tree armed with an assault rifle.

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I kid you not.

The Newport Police posted about it on their Facebook page:

Liberalism really is a mental disorder, verging on psychosis.

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