H.A. Goodman Interviews DNC Fraud Lawsuit Lawyer Jared Beck, Who Has Asked For Court Protection.

by Pamela Williams
It is Sunday, August 6 – around 2:30 pm – live interview between HA Goodman and DNC fraud lawyer Beck.  I am going to get it out as fast as I can, so I apologize for any errors.
HA tells them he knows they are risking their lives.  Jared says we have to accept that we have already lost Seth Rich and Shawn Lucas. When witnesses are dead in your case, you do not feel safe in prosecuting the case.
Jared says he focuses on what can be done in moving forward.  HA tells him the world knows how dangerous it is what he is doing.  Jared’s co-counsel has receive multiple calls tell him he would end up on the lawyer, who just washed up on Hollywood Beach in Miami.
Shawn Lucas died from a very hard to find cocktail.  The lawyer who washed up on the beach was in a suit hit in the head.  
What is it with the DNC to use outside servers to store government intel information, asks HA?  Jared says the DNC is a front for the Clinton Foundation.
Beck says it is a big deal that Imran Awan was arrested, but most of the population are not paying attention.  But the Awan brothers are just the tip of the iceberg.
The mainstream media is nothing but propaganda.  The American people are listening to them.
The DNC lawsuit is going to tell the Country about the state this Country is in.
Would Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Donna Brazille have testify under oath?  Yes they are principle players.
Did the DNC amit to cheating Bernie?  Formally they have not.  They made a greater admission when they said they have the right to do what they want.  The Democratic Party is a channel that the dark powers are using in this Country.  Of course, they rig the primaries.
Jared Beck said we do not have bonafide elections in this Country.  They are rigged.
Bernie Sanders was just the opponent or the loser.  HA wants to know if he ran again, what is the chances of them being cheated by the DNC?  Jared Beck said 100%. The system is corrupt…bottom line.
This is the video:

HA said that the DNC will always pick the most beatable candidate, as they thought they could beat Trump.
Beck says it is basically entertainment.   
What percentage of the money Sanders’ raised, how much was laundered?  Where is the audit?  HA talked with Charles Ortell about this. Charles Ortell is someone who monitors charities.
Jared Beck says the whole thing is basically money laundering.  They funnel money to their buddies in the private sector.  You work for the DNC and set up you own political consulting firm, and you get your money.
HA askes Beck what does he think of the Russia investigation?  Beck says they are creating chaos and confusion to take the focus off of Wasserman Schultz and the DNC.  It is confusion and disinformation tactics to obscure the truth from the American people.
HA asks if the DNC loses in 2020, what will be their game plan be?  Beck said they are not thinking that far ahead. They have a deficit in brain power.
Beck said it is not true that private organizations can do anything they want.  Bernie Madoff is in prison for doing what he wanted.  Fraud is not legal.  So the DNC can not do what they want legally.
Are any of these connected to the DNC lawsuit?

  1. Loretta Lynch
  2. Awan scandal

They stem from the profound corruption that exists in our political system.  Lynch tarmac meeting, failure to prosecute Hillary Clinton for emails, and the way James Comey conducted himself was so contrary to the law.  
With a new administration in power not connected to Clinton, will we actually get prosecution for the above?
HA asks about the Awan scandal?  If Schultz had first hand knowledge that the Awans were storing information on offsite servers, could she be indicted?  
Jared’s wife and fellow attorney Elizabeth walks in.
HA asks her what she thinks is going on?
She says she is perplexed by what has happened to the “nature of truth.”  (That is exactly HOW IF FEEL, too.)
Jared said the Awans were Pakistani nationals connected to the Pasistanti ISI.  They were getting high amounts of taxpayer money.  They are just the tip of the iceberg of what we know.  Something very sinister is going on.
Did the Awans threaten you?  He said he is not sure if it was them.  Beck said his concern is the Dems will try to survive all of this by blaming a few individuals and send some of them off to prison.  
Say Kamala Harris runs, or someone like Tulsi Gabbard, if Harris is the one they want to win, will she win?
Beck said yes, they will do that, and the system is made to lose.  They rig the machines when they need to rig the machines….fraud at the voter level.  They are not trying to hide it.  There is a 100% they will rig.
If the DNC lawsuit continues, the DNC will lose.  What do you think will take place?
We will get a judgment.  The plaintiffs will get their money.  Beck says people tell him to talk to the media, but as a lawyer his place is to win the lawsuit.
HA says the lawsuit needs to be publized. Mainstream media is not even mentioning it.
The progressives love to go against Trump, says HA.  Beck says that progressives are very strong at looking at the future, and that is why climate change is very important to them….that is the honest progressives.  The problem comes in when the system is so corrupt, there is no possibility of these things happening…such as universal health care.
You must get rid of the corrupt system.  People really need to start focusing on what is truly wrong in this country.  If the DNC lawsuit is not won, there is a 100% chance that those running in an election will be cheated.  How does anyone justify this?
This is about morality that they were brought up in…same behavioral patterns their whole life.
HA says how do we get Schultz and Brazille on the witness stand?
Beck says subpoena them.  Beck says if they plead the fifth without answering questions, they could get away with it.
HA says where do you see the DNC going now…it is August now?  Is their timeframe the judge has to decide.
Beck says there is no way to tell.  All judges operate differently.  They are researching the law.  At this moment in time, the clerks could be preparing memorandums.  In this suit, there are a lot of legal issues raised.  
HA asks if it is possible that Schultz could intimidate the judge?  Beck says it is possible, but I don’t know.
HA asks if they can use WIKILEAKS EMAILS?  Beck said they are going to try to.  That would bring up how they got to WIKILEAKS.   That would bring up whether it was a leak or a hack.
HA thanks Beck and Elizabeth for the interview.  He tells them they are heroes.  Stay safe, and we love you.
Beck thanks him and independent media. These voices are our lifeline to the truth.  Beck said the people are brainwashed by the mass media.  
HA tells Beck he is a very powerful voice.
The DNC is not obligated to follow its charter and its bylaws, Spiva added. “We could have voluntarily decided that we’re gonna go into back rooms like they used to do and smoke cigars and pick the candidate that way,” he said. “That’s not the way it was done. But they could have. And that would also have been their right.”
Beck told Florida Bulldog she was taken aback by Spiva’s legal argument since Wasserman Schultz had always denied the DNC was playing favorites. “It’s a pretty outrageous position to take,” she said. “It was very different from what the congresswoman had been saying on national TV during the primaries.”
A little over a month later, things got even more strange. On June 1, Beck sent an email to DNC attorneys to inform them that her secretary had received a phone call from an unknown individual seeking information about the case. “The caller refused to identify himself/herself,” Beck wrote. “My secretary stated that it sounded like the caller was using a voice changer because the voice sounded robotic and genderless.”
Beck also noted that the phone number that showed up on the caller ID was the same one for Wasserman Schultz’s Aventura district office. According to a June 1 reply filed in court by the congresswoman’s lawyers, Wasserman Schultz had no knowledge of the call being made and did not authorize it.
“Further, it is highly unlikely that the call did in fact originate with that office, as no one is currently working in the office associated with the subject number — or has anyone been working there for several months — due to ongoing repairs,” the reply states. “Given that the matter involves congressional phone lines, the incident has been reported to Capitol Police.”
The following day, Fort Lauderdale attorney O’Brien received three phone calls from an unknown number from a person who identified himself only as “Chris” inquiring about the lawsuit, according to the motion requesting protection. During the second phone call, “Chris” allegedly said, “This is bigger than you and your family and your law partners” and made a reference to news about the mysterious death of Assistant U.S. Attorney Beranton Whisenant in Fort Lauderdale. O’Brien also submitted under seal 11 emails allegedly sent by “Chris.”
Whisenant’s body was spotted floating just off Hollywood beach shortly before dawn on May 24. The cause of death has not been released, but the Miami Herald has reported that Hollywood police have said Whisenant suffered some trauma to his head.
On June 3, plaintiff Angela Monson from Dassel, Minn., said she woke up around 5:45 a.m. to use her laptop computer only to find it in a different spot from where she had last left it, which she thought was odd, according to an affidavit she filed as part of the motion for protection. “When I plugged in my laptop, it made a snapping noise and did not turn on,” Monson said. “When I turned it over, the bottom cover of the laptop fell off.  I then noticed that the bottom cover, which is attached to the laptop with 10 screws, had all the screws missing.”
After noticing that two patio doors she had locked the night before were unlocked, Monson called local police to file a report about a possible break-in, her affidavit states. The same day, O’Brien claims he received a call from the far-right militia group Oath Keepers offering him and his clients protection.

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  1. This is far bigger than the DNC. Da body count is goin to climb! Also Madoff went to jail since he scammed little ole ladies in Miami who are NOT supposed to be scammed!

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