Half of Americans and Canadians On the Brink of BANKRUPTCY! Debt Fiasco!

Countless people are on the brink of bankruptcy. Most don’t even realize it. Bills are getting paid. Credit cards still have some balance remaining. Everything is just fine, right? Not quite, it seems. One small change and their world is thrown upside down. Do you think that many people are too complacent?

We’re told that the current state of the economy is positive. We’ve heard this so many times before. It’s usually when most agree upon this fact that things suddenly turn around. There’s no telling when conditions will get worse, but just take a look at how bad things have come just in the last decade. People have had incredibly low interest rates and yet they’re nearly bankrupt. This is a pattern doomed to failure.

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58% of Americans Have Less Than $1,000 in Savings | GOBankingRates


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46% of Canadians on the brink of insolvency as rates rise: Survey – BNN Bloomberg


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