Half-term holiday hell: Families ‘dumped’ at the WRONG airport, kicked off overbooked flights and EasyJet loses luggage – as staff QUIT on the spot and bosses blame passengers for turning up five hours early (after telling them to)

by Boo_Randy

What does this have to do with silver, you ask? Simple: vaccine mandates and corporate greed in the name of “shareholder value” – maximizing profits at the expense of both customers and employees – are features of crony capitalism run amok. Our captured, worthless regulators, enforcers, and policymakers need to be fired en masse and replaced with people who will be held accountable for results. And the sheeple who have to endure such treatment should vote out the corporate and oligarch stooges whose “financialization of everything” has brought us to this point, and put in capable, accountable representatives who will side with We the People against the banksters & corporate greed.


Furious passengers have revealed their holiday hell after being kicked off ‘overbooked flights’, luggage bungles and families being left at the wrong airport as chaotic scenes continued to plague Britain’s airline industry at the start of half-term week.

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Airports from Bristol to Manchester have reported huge queues of up to five hours as the school break began today – and the aviation industry continues to buckle under a surge in demand and last-minute bookings.


Per CBS News, more than 1,200 US flights were canceled as of Saturday afternoon. Delta was performing the worst on that score among US airlines, with some 9 percent of its operations (more than 240 flights) eliminated for the day. Moreover, Delta’s largest hub at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta is having an especially tough time, it seems. Five percent of all Delta flights there were canceled, with 7 percent delayed.



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