HANNITY: It’s Official, Obama’s DOJ ABUSED FISA COURT to Spy on Trump Campaign

SOURCE: www.hannity.com/media-room/hannity-its-official-obamas-doj-abused-fisa-court-to-spy-on-trump-campaign/

Here is the kicker… Obama’s DOJ is STILL the DOJ! We need to clean house.

Rod Rosenstein needs to be relieved of his position. Put on leave or demoted to a meaningless position while investigations are conducted that will involve him. He was a signatory on the bogus FISA warrant applications and is now running the cover-up operation (being in charge of Mueller) for the entire cabal conspiracy.

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Knowing what we know now Rosenstein should have recused himself from overseeing a special counsel investigation, but he did not, but instead essentially helped engineer its appointment and placed himself squarely in charge of it.

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Rod Rosenstein has been a crucial linchpin in the cabal conspiracy when it was playing out and then likewise in its cover-up/diversion phase.


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