Harvard Elite Insider admits replacement of Europeans is an "experiment", surprised to find word-wide opposition to a genocide nobody voted for.

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Yascha Mounk, a German born (jewish) Harvard elite insider was interviewed on German state run TV about why “evil right wing populists” are on the rise in Germany and Europe. He gives 3 reasons and either intentionally or accidentally admits “We’re trying a historically unique experiment: Transforming a mono-ethnic, mono-cultural society into a multi-ethnic one.”
Mounk joins a long list of people who have all admitted that there is an ongoing population replacement in Europe and in countries founded by Europeans. Barbara Spectre, Gregor Gysi, Anetta Kahane, Noel Ignatiev – just to name a few – have all stated openly that there is a multicultural experiment ongoing that is about “ending Whiteness.” That means that these people are just using opportunities such as the “refugee crisis” in order to further turn European countries into multicultural ones. It’s not about helping, it’s about transforming. It’s not about low birth rates, it’s about flooding us with strangers. It’s not for economic reasons, it’s about the open air experiment of multiculturalism.
With these lies and ulterior motives behind it, it’s doomed to fail and the people are waking up.

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11 thoughts on “Harvard Elite Insider admits replacement of Europeans is an "experiment", surprised to find word-wide opposition to a genocide nobody voted for.

  1. The problem in the EU results from NATO, US & Israel Genocide & Wrecking of Muslim nations to STEAL THEIR NATURAL WEALTH. DON’T TRY TO MAKE THIS ANY MORE COMPLEX.

    • When are you going to start your 100% Boycott of White Patents,
      and stop being a pathetic pansy that is all talk.

    • NATO, EU, etc. are certainly part of the problem.
      But it’s not us modern Europeans dilapidating the MO anymore.

  2. This is a battle that has raged since Eve Screwed the Serpent and Cain slew Abel. When Jesus sent the Apostles to the Lost Sheep of Israel, where did they go? What nations (Gentiles means nations) quickly converted to Christianity? This is the time of Jacob’s trouble. If you don’t understand the things I have written, then you cannot possibly understand what is going on in our European countries in the current age.

      • No. (A linguistic expression) expressing nationality or local origins.
        Of or relating to a tribe, clan, people, nation, etc.
        Gotta do your homework, dude.
        One other note: In the original Greek, it meant the above. The Jews have, through their usage, watered the definition down so that folks like you don’t know what it means. This creates opacity in trying to understand what the Bible is telling us.

          • Your first mistake is believing ANYTHING a Rabbi tells you. All you have to do is look the word up in any good etymological dictionary. Remember, most of this stuff is from Greek and Aramaic. I have another bombshell for you. Jesus was of the tribe of Judah. He was not a Jew.

          • lol probably not, but there are some truth telling Jews. Yes, I’m aware that being of Judea or a Judahite does not mean they are a Jew, not many do, or know that Israel was a northern knigdom only. The bible is a law book that uses parables to teach us, I tend to believe that Jesus/Yeshua is just that, a parable. Most don’t get that he walked on the “law of water”, which we are currently under ourselves, the law of the sea, the UCC, comming from the Roman Canon, which itself seems to be Babylon represented. So much has been hidden, omitted, definitions of words changed or words replaced, it’s easy to see how so many are so mislead. Keep telling the people my friend.

  3. It’s not an experiment as they already experimented in US for decades. For which reason they already know that what they get with this so-called multiculturalism is a total lack of any culture and a weakened and quite sick society. An easy to “rule” situation that allows the elites to stay safe and free to do whatever they please. And they want to repeat the same in Europe. It’s all part of the bigger NWO scheme. They won’t succeed, Europe is not the US (fortunately) and the Europeans are still quite able to see the trick and rebel.

  4. Too bad these Elites dont know anything about genetics. humans have a genetic end to its chain line. All species genetic lines run out of time and rapidly degrade. It also stops breeding until full extinction of that species. To stop this you have to splice your gene pool every so often. By mixing all races right now, they are cutting out humans futures by hundreds of thousands of years. There are the elites for you… not an experiment, a purposeful and direct attack on the human species.

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