Has anyone else noticed Amazon’s and Google’s attempts through low-cost to free offers and deals to get their ‘smart’ speakers into peoples homes?

by lovewd


I find it odd that through various promotions, amazon and google have been pushing out their smart speakers into peoples homes. Amazon’s echo is always listeningSo are the Google Home products. I looked through various promotions that provided these products at free or discounted rates. Frontier, and ISP who has a large market share in the US, is offering their customers is offering a free Amazon Echo Dot to their customers. Last month, Amazon themselves were offering an Amazon Echo dot for 99 cents to customers who bought a one month subscription ($8) to Amazon Music. Spotify last month was offering a free google home mini to Spotify premium subscribers ($10). It is interesting to see these companies aggressively pushing smart speakers into people’s homes, especially when considering the existence of something like the Patriot Act. Do you all think this is part of a plan to make it easier to spy on people? Or is it just aggressive marketing to try to grow the smart speaker market as a whole?



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