Has anyone else noticed how Amazon has jacked up their prices all across the board?

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by TrumpsToupee12

I use amazon to buy a wide variety of things. None of them are related to Covid-19 like sanitizer, gloves, masks, etc. Yet still I’m noticing crazy price hikes all across the board. Things that I bought for 8 dollars in February are now 14 dollars. Searching on twitter and Reddit and other people are reporting the same thing.Seems like small items are now 50% -75% more expensive while more costly items are around 25%-35% more expensive This is completely disgusting. Amazon gains a monopoly through government subsidies and then uses a pandemic as an excuse to jack up all of its prices after people become dependent on amazon. And it’s not true that 3rd party sellers determine the cost of items, amazon decides the price if it’s sold through Amazon Prime, which is really the only economical way to use amazon. Otherwise you’re paying for 3-5 day shipping instead of getting 1-2 day shipping for free


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