Has anyone noticed how useless Seeking Alpha has become?

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by touristB


I’ve using Seeking Alpha for close to five years. While it’s not something that I ultimately rely upon to make my investing decisions I enjoy the user generated content that can come from outsiders with a unique perspective to investing. Through my work I have access to a large amount of equity research reports so it was nice to spice up my research with this content.

Over the last couple of months I’ve noticed that more and more articles are paywalled and all older articles are paywalled as well. The cost to get around this paywall is $300 a month. I am sorry but in my opinion the quality of articles on this site are not worth this much. I am fine with them charging for this service but a subscription in the $5 range would be much more reasonable.

I guess I am just curious with any older readers of this site on here that have abandoned it. Now that I type out my frustrations maybe it’s just time to move on in general.




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