Hawaii Alert's Evolving Story

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by JDWired

The story is changing a lot!!! Getting closer to truth as work way down:
1st a “fat finger” that hit the wrong button www.thesun.co.uk/news/5334835/missile-panic-in-hawaii-as-families-flee-in-terror-and-hide-kids-down-drains-in-fear-of-an-incoming-north-korean-attack-after-employees-fat-finger-error/
2nd the governor forgot his twitter feed so could not recall alert www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2018/01/23/580058179/why-the-delay-correcting-false-alert-hawaii-governor-forgot-twitter-password
3rd employee is not cooperating to assist investigation time.com/5119618/hawaii-missile-alert-employee-not-cooperating-investigation/
4th now apparently cooperating and hit button intentionally as believed under attack www.latimes.com/nation/nationnow/la-na-hawaii-alert-fcc-20180130-story.html
REALITY? There was some actual event that occurred and we are not likely to find out exactly what happened

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