HE FIGHTS: Florida’s DeSantis Is Just Trolling the Media With Another Bold Move and It’s Fantastic to Watch.

The new meltdown over Governor Ron DeSantis’s management of COVID-19 in Florida could be the most ridiculous one to date. The corporate media is upset that Florida will now count deaths on the date they occur rather than the date they get reported. Some journalists do not understand that the curve will be normalized, but the area under the curve will remain the same.

Georgia’s COVID-19 dashboard allows users to select whether they want to view deaths according to the date they happened or when the state received the report. When you look at the graph by day reported, you can see gaps on weekends, and it is evident there are days when the state receives a data dump:

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Georgia COVID dashboard.

When you view the same data by date of death, the curve is normalized. There is a lag as the Department of Health enters a report received today on the correct date. But every death on the report date page is eventually placed on the day someone passed away.



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