Heather Wagenhals – New Scams for a New Year

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from Financial Survival Network

Heather Wagenhals returns… Car scams are all the rage these days. Scammers get you to wire money for a car that they’ve advertised. They get your money and you never get the car. It all seems so real and that’s why we get so easily fooled. Another major scam is that fraudsters send you a link to report a fraud to the FBI. But it’s not the FBI you’re sending all your personal info to, and they quickly drain your bank accounts and run up your credit cards. The scams keep on coming!
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1 thought on “Heather Wagenhals – New Scams for a New Year

  1. Craigslist is full of these scams….The worst scams are the job offers from the Nigerians to print out fake checks and send them Fedex to the unwitting idiots in the USA.

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