Heckuva job Mayor Lightfoot: Chicago sees 51 homicides in January, highest in 4 years

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by DCG

Back in May 2019 Chiraq Mayor Lori Lightfoot (demorat) made some big promises. One of them was to confront chronic gun violence. At the time she said there’s “no higher calling than restoring safety and peace in our neighborhoods” and promised to develop a more proactive strategy against violence.”

Fast forward to yesterday’s headline from MyFoxChicago: “Chicago sees 51 homicides in January — highest in 4 years.”

Details from the MyFoxChicago story:

This January was the deadliest in Chicago since 2017, when 51 murders were recorded across the city, according to police statistics.

The January spike in murders comes after slayings in Chicago soared in 2020 after three years of declining violence.

Meanwhile, January also saw an increase in shooting incidents compared to the same month last year, police said. Chicago recorded 201 shootings through the end of the month, while January 2020 saw 137 shootings.”

Read the whole story here.

Great job Mayor Lightfoot!



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