Here is a list of 22 positive things that are happening in the world.

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by salvia_d

1) More People Growing Food

2) Self Education

3) Decentralization

4) Community Focus

5) Less Global Travel

6) Focus on the Environment – Importance of Green Space

7) Importance of Family and Friends

8) Less Power for Globalists

9) Political and Economic System Awareness – Mistrust of Central Capital as Power

10) Appreciation for what War Really Is

11) Demand for More Transparency of Power

12) Disillusionment of Society – See Gabor Mate

13) New Found Appreciation of the Arts

14) More People Cooking at Home – Building a Relationship with Food

15) Focus on Diet/Food/Health

16) Focus on Self-Reliance

17) Food Security/Safety/Preparedness

18) Finding Hobbies, Old and New

19) Cleaning Your Home

20) Self Enlightenment (Looking Yourself in the Mirror)

21) New Found Appreciation of Social/Physical Interaction/Intimacy

22) Alternate forms of Entertainment

Video discussing these:



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