Here is how to earn customers trust when your business has zero sales

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Imagine finding a brand ad on your Instagram feed, which was so enticing that you could not take your eyes off it. Like every shopper, you decided to check online for any proof suggesting that the brand is a reputable one and that their products really do solve problems. Unfortunately, you found nothing about them online because they’re new and haven’t made any sales yet. If you’re like most shoppers, the chances are that you’d be skeptical about patronizing such a company, let alone trust them with your credit card details.

This is exactly how every shopper feels about your brand when they see that you haven’t got any “social proof” to go on. So will you convince them that they can trust you without any proof to show?

I know a lot of businesses are struggling to find answers to these questions, but we’re happy to inform them that we’ve got just about the right solutions for them in this post.

Read on to find out about them!

Show them that their money is safe

The biggest fear in the minds of prospective customers is whether they can trust your brand. If they enter their credit card details on your site, won’t they regret it? If you can provide convincing answers to this question, then you’ve just assuaged their greatest fear.

But how will you do this?

Show them that their security is your priority. With cyber hackers exploiting even major chains like Target, cybersecurity is a major concern of everyone. 

One way to combat this fear is to use a security-boosting payment gateway service like iPayTotal. But be sure to inform customers by displaying security badges that bear the name of this provider on your store or site. 

Customers know that payment gateway services like iPayTotal are world-renowned and boast a great level of recognition on the international level. They know their money is safe if they pay through a service like them. And in the event that your products don’t turn out to be what they expect, they know that the platform can help them negotiate and initiate a refund. 

Here are some of the other benefits that come with running your business payment service through iPayTotal:

    • Business banking: In the digital world we live in today, consumers patronize businesses from every corner of the world, which means that the customers you’re trying to gain their trust may not live in your jurisdiction. Payment service platforms like iPayTotal see to it that you get that much sought after business account, without going through much stress.
    • Credit card transaction security: they help guarantee payments on your store through end-to-end high-risk credit card management policies. No customers will scam you through falsified credit card details, and no hacker will be able to steal or snoop on customers’ card details while they are on your store.


  • Merchant account: it doesn’t matter the country you’re currently in, iPayTotal can help you set up the right payment processor for your high-risk merchant account. Even if banks and other platforms think your business is too risky, iPayTotal will come through for you.


Share the human side of your business

People generally have a tendency to distrust a brand at first glance. But when they listen to the story of how the brand came to be (the business owner profile), they tend to become more interested in what the guy has to offer. A good place to tell your story is on your site’s “About Us” page. 

Be sure not to talk about your products or offerings, but the major reason why you came into the industry. Take a look at iPayTotal’s website, and you’ll have a good grasp of the kind of magic a good “About Us” section can do.

Build relationships through content

Sometimes the fear of consumers isn’t about putting their money on the line, but about whether your products can really do those “miracles” you’ve mentioned in your ads.

To prove to them that you really understand what their pain points are, invest your time and money in blogging and start creating content that actually addresses their problems,

Soon enough, they’ll see that you truly understand the details of their problem and that you’re a “master” in the industry. In time, the fact that you have zero sales and no social proof wouldn’t matter to anyone anymore.

Emphasize a strong return policy

To appeal to those prospects that are on the fence about making a purchase from your company, highlight an excellent return policy. A good return policy is seen by many consumers as a show of confidence on the part of the manufacturer. Not to forget that it also lowers the risk involved in patronizing your “zero sales” business. 

To emphasize on your one-month, three-month, or 7-days return policy, create a special page on your store/site for it, have a section dedicated to it on your product pages, display badges to highlight money-back guarantees, and also link to your return policy in the footer of your site.

By and large, place the info about your return policies at strategic locations on your store.

Consider giving away samples

Even with all we’ve mentioned above, you might still need to give a few of your products away to get those first few customers you so crave. Giving out free samples is no dumb thing to do because it gives you the chance to show those “doubting Thomas” what your products could really do.

Therefore, consider offering people your products to use for free and then share their testimonies with the public! 


Disclaimer: This content does not necessarily represent the views of IWB.

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