Here is what Julian Assange wanted us to know right before his internet was cut

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“Intelligent evil dust, it’s everywhere in everything”


“The generation being born now is the last to be free”

What was he talking about?

Smart Dust

Smartdust involves 5G wireless and IoT as I will soon explain.

First, here’s Assange describing it in his own words:

It’s interesting to note that research on smart dust has been active and intense since at least 1997. By now the technology has advanced and I would expect that they’ve already tested it many times, formally and secretly.

What in the World is Smart Dust?

The man who coined the term, Kris Pister, told IDG Connect last April that the name “…was kind of a joke – everything in the US and LA at that time seemed to be ‘smart’, smart bombs, smart houses, smart roads…” His recollection can be counted on, since he co-authored the paper “Smart Dust: Autonomous sensing and communication in a cubic millimeter” back in 1997, when the technology was still in its infancy.

Pister was able to demonstrate it to DARPA in 2001:

Future Military Sensors Could Be Tiny Specks of ‘Smart Dust’

In 2001, Pister and his colleagues conducted a field demonstration for DARPA at the Marine Corps’ base at Twentynine Palms. A small drone dropped six “motes” the size of a pill bottle near a road.

After synchronizing with each other, they detected the presence, course and speed of a Humvee and a heavy transport truck. When the drone passed overhead, the motes transmitted their data to the drone, which then beamed the information down to a base station.

Hitachi had smart dust in 2001 as well, keep in mind this was 17 years ago and the technology must have improved tenfold by now:

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Hitachi Develops World’s Smallest RFID Chip

Here’s a couple more demonstrations and existing applications:

Smart dust can be dispersed in the air where it can remain or be breathed in by humans, it can be in paint, it can be embedded in products as hidden watermarks or theft devices, it can be anywhere. Smart dust is basically tiny computer chips (think nanotech) which can be powered by nothing more than radio waves already in the air. I think they’d live quite well in electrosmog dense areas. And in my opinion, this is why they are forcefully rolling out 5G everywherebecause 5G emits radio waves that can power and communicate with this stuff. Electric companies are rolling out smart meters for every home to get us one step closer to new age public infrastucture called smart grid. Total surveillance and monitoring. IoT on a whole new level.

They wrap up this tech in nice little promises like 5G will let you download so much faster and stream anywhere! Or smart meters will help you save $2.16 on your next electric bill! What’s actually happening is that they’re building a complete matrix where nothing can be free from it’s reach or capability. In the future, somewhere there is a control center with numerous buttons, dials and switches that can modify every aspect of your life in real-time, and the control center is off limits. From you anyway.


5G, which comes from the term 5th generation, is designed to work in conjunction with what former CIA head David Petraeus called the Internet of Things or IoT. The agenda is to hook every single material thing on the planet, as well as humans themselves, onto a vast planet-wide web where everything and everyone become nodes on the network – connected by microchips which are nano-size and can be inhaled (like smart dust).

Smart Dust: Real-Time Tracking Of Everything, Everywhere

DARPA is a driver of Technocracy in the 21st Century. Its creation of computerized microscopic sensors no larger than a spec of dust will surpass the Internet of Things (IoT) by orders of magnitude. Known as “Smart Dust”, an area can be blanketed to achieve 100% real-time monitoring of everything in every nook and cranny. Also, Smart Dust can be incorporated in fabric, building materials, paint or any other substance use in construction, decoration or wearables.

My main question is, have they been secretly testing this stuff? Have humans already been inhaling smart dust? History points to some concerning conclusions:

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Finally, there is a theory called grey goo which describes what happens when something like smartdust gets out of control and consumes the Earth’s biomass for its own replication. Now consider the wild and crazy idea that smartdust has already existed for billions of years in a slightly different form, whether it was created through randomness or a grand architect. We call it stardust (atoms). These atoms form together to create various life forms out of self-replicating DNA/RNA, with trillions of cells which can somehow communicate, and some of these life forms aim to consume all the available biomass on Earth. That’s us! We are an advanced form of smartdust. 🙂



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