Here is what will happen next


Now –

Biden will install mask mandates where ever he has the jurisdiction. Everything will open up steadily as the segment of the population that is willing is vaccinated. I imagine the vaccinated population will reach anywhere from 30-55%.

Spring/Summer 2021 –

At that point, the attention will focus to those who are skeptical of taking the vaccine. The UK variant, which we have been told has a significantly higher transmission rate will come to the forefront. People who “re-joined” society and didn’t continue to wear their masks during the reopening will be vilified as the cause of the virus’ resurgence and Biden’s mask mandate will be widely implemented by governors. People who have already received their vaccination will become increasingly anxious, impatient and more vocal about their disdain towards those who haven’t been vaccinated “holding them back” from “returning to normal”. Acceptance towards a method of documenting and verifying who has received a vaccine (who received what vaccine and when) will increase and the rollout of vaccination passport apps is started. Passports will only be required for international travel. People that received the first vaccines may be recommended to receive a 3rd shot as a “booster” to their immunity.

Winter 2021/Start of 2022

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Social and employer pressure force people hesitant regarding the safety of the vaccinations begin to take their toll and more and more succumb to the external forces, receiving the vaccination. Total population vaccinated reaches anywhere from 70-85%. The vaccine passport will begin to transform from being required only for overseas travel to being required to perform every day activities – entrance to government facilities, hospitals, perhaps banks and big box retailers. Those who continue to refuse the vaccine will lose their jobs and day to day activities will be increasingly harder to accomplish.

Mid 2022

We are told that the applications aren’t secure in the hands of private corporations and should be centralized. WHO or the UN will be the organization that is tasked with the aggregation of the data. The idea is floated that an application isn’t the best form of verification – a physical method would be more secure and unique to each individual. The media will even discuss that “conspiracy theorists are calling the physical passport the biblical Mark of the Beast, however it is your only path back to normalcy”. As “herd immunity” has been achieved, the focus will shift to adding the covid vaccination to the regime that newborns receive. As newborn children do not have electronic devices, the physical certification will be necessary. After which, the application will be phased out and those who wish to continue will accept the physical mark. Incentives will be provided to persuade people to accepting – debt forgiveness mainly.

This is how I see the next 18 months unfolding. That’s about the amount of time I see we have until the end. I hope I’m wrong and I’m open to criticism and adjustments regarding my timeline. God bless you all.

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