This will destroy schools. In my area schools are fUll and have no way to re-open under these guidelines. I think most schools are in the same boat…There is just no way this can happen there is no room for this BS.

Promote social distancing
• Step 1 and 2
o Ensure that student and staff groupings are as static as possible by having the same group of
children stay with the same staff (all day for young children, and as much as possible for older
o Restrict mixing between groups.
o Cancel all field trips, inter-group events, and extracurricular activities (Step 1).
o Limit gatherings, events, and extracurricular activities to those that can maintain social
distancing, support proper hand hygiene, and restrict attendance of those from higher
transmission areas (Step 2; Note: restricting attendance from those in Step 1 areas).
o Restrict nonessential visitors, volunteers, and activities involving other groups at the same
o Space seating/desks to at least six feet apart.
o Turn desks to face in the same direction (rather than facing each other), or have students sit on
only one side of tables, spaced apart.
o Close communal use spaces such as dining halls and playgrounds if possible; otherwise stagger
use and disinfect in between use.

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