Here We Go! New JAB Incoming! Murderna Announces Step Toward Updating COVID Shots for Fall

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‘Moderna hopes(only if investors are interested) to offer updated COVID-19 boosters in the fall that combine its original vaccine with protection against the omicron variant. On Tuesday, it reported a preliminary hint that such an approach might work.

Today’s COVID-19 vaccines all are based on the original version of the coronavirus. But the virus continues to mutate (sure it does), with the super(dooper)-(scary)contagious omicron variant — and its siblings (advanced planning) — the latest threat.’

Guess the jabs are going to be like seasonal fashion trends.

Right on queue…

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Is the next threat looming? CDC adds ANOTHER version of the Omicron variant to its weekly Covid tracker with the new strain making up 20% of cases – but agency now considers less than 1% of America at ‘high risk’ from the virus


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