Here’s a conspiracy, The Powers That Be want us to overthrow the government…

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by KorrectDaRekard

Media Narratives, whether delivered through TV or social media, are crafted to influence the publics opinion. We’ve watched them turn out divisive and tribal headlines in order to keep us angry, pointing the blame at each other so we clearly see how corrupt both sides are. More often than not they come off overtly hypocritical in their presentation. They should be better at this by now, but instead it seems like each side is intentionally flaunting their hypocrisy, while rallying behind their wildly unpopular candidate. At this point they have to know their viewers can see their obvious gaslighting, and the ones who really care are becoming fed up that their voices are being ignored.

Pay attention to the narrative of the day, and ask yourself why are they presenting it this way. Tonights narrative, “the debate was an embarrasment” CNN and MSNBC, in a bizarre move, criticized both candidates with their anchors saying things like “it was a shit show” and “a hot mess, inside a dumpster fire, inside a train wreck.”

On top of that we’ve seen wealthy elites exposed doing some of the most unthinkable things, brought into the mainstream, then snuffed before justice could be served. They essentially performed a hit openly, and basically didn’t even try to deny it, instead moving along to the next bit of rage-porn.

Meanwhile, while that narrative is being spread, we’ve seen social media tempt us with riot footage. We’ve seen an increase in interest in these street factions battling eachother. Both sides have been accused of funding/influencing them, and neither side has condemned their sides faction. We’ve seen memes shared by influencers pretty much encouraging revolution, to the point where the movements seem corporately sponsored. We’ve seen endless finger pointing about cheating, accusations of election fraud, shameless pandering with blatant disregard for public opinion. This all seems intentional.

It feels like a honey pot, like they are leading us into a trap for a reason I can’t quite nail down. Do they want unrest so they can justify passing more authoritarian surveillance/policing laws? Do they want to lead us into restructuring how our government and economic systems function? Is this coming from foreign interference in an attempt to destabilize us? Is this about conditioning us towards the Agenda 2030 globalist vision? Whatever it is, it seems like they are taunting us, even encouraging us.



Disclaimer: This is a guest post and it doesn’t necessarily represent the views of IWB.


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