Here’s a real WHOPPER scenario I bet nobody thought could happen

So here’s a real scenario.

Biden wins Nevada and gets 270 electoral votes. Trump wins the rest of the states outstanding and ends with 268 electoral votes. Then on Dec 14th one Democrat elector is faithless and votes for Trump. The electoral votes end at 269 to 269.

But the constitution has an answer. The house picks the president but each state only gets 1 vote. Right now Republicans control 26 delegations but it would be the next congress that would decide so in theory Democrats could have the majority of state delegations and pick Biden to be president. Then the senate is charged with picking the vice president (each senator gets 1 vote) and the Republicans pick Trump to be Vice President.

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We could in theory end up with Biden as president and Trump as vice president.

It’s the rules man. Don’t shoot the messenger

h/t QuantumLove