Here’s How Germany is Dealing with Angela Merkel’s Failed Immigration Policies

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by Chris Black

It’s an undeniable fact that Germany’s chancellor Angela Merkel, also known as Mutti Merkel (Mother of Refugees), is one of the persons accountable for European Union’s (failed) open borders policies. The thing is, back in 2015, Chancellor Merkel took the decision to open-wide Germany’s borders and allowed over one million (nobody knows the exact figure) so-called refugees to enter the country. Basically, Germany invited millions of “refugees” from all over the world (the Middle East, Africa et al) by opening its borders back in 2015, while suspending immigration control for migrants.

And now, after terrorism and criminality became rampant, Germany is trying to mitigate the disaster by offering rejected asylum seekers money ( up to 3000 euros per family), as a bribe of sorts to refugees who are agreeing to return home. Yes, you got that right: after entering the European Union illegally, the so-called refugees (as per the Geneva convention, a genuine refugee is a person fleeing a war-zone who must seek asylum in the ‘first safe country’, which cannot be Germany, Sweden nor the UK by the way, i.e. these are welfare shoppers by any definition) who were denied asylum are now offered money to leave instead of being deported.
In other words, the German government is bribing them to leave, instead of just kicking them out, in an action that actually makes their government and overall system look quite weak and inept. If asylum-seekers are rejected, then they have no right to be in Germany or anywhere else in Europe, so the logical thing to do is to just deport them; the moment you start paying illegal immigrants to go home, you open the doors to thousands who want a pay out, it’s common sense. Unfortunately, common sense has long forsaken these lands.
The revolutionary program is called “Your Country, Your Future, Now!” and it was announced on Saturday by Germany’s Minister of Interior. As the German government announced it will start deporting “Syrian refugees”/migrants/whatchamacallit next summer, the new program which can be dubbed “cash for illegal refugees” will run through the end of February 2018. Here’s Germany’s Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere in an interview for the German newspaper Bild am Sonntag:
“If you decide by the end of February for a voluntary return, you will get in addition to first aid, a housing aid for the first twelve months in your country of origin,”
Let’s see, I could stay in Germany and get free food, free housing, free medical treatment, free schooling, free security, or else I could take this measly 3,500 and go back to the hellhole that I came from. Hard choice, isn’t it?
Funny how fast Merkel’s compassion for those poor refugees disappears when her power is threatened. A separate scheme already offers rejected asylum seekers 1200 euros upon their return home, but it appears it doesn’t work so well.
What can I say? Great idea. Pay them to leave; they will be back in 3 months with different IDs.  By the way,  is that really necessary? I mean, in the United States we are continually told by liberals that illegal immigrants are a boon to the economy and not a drain. Yeah, right.
To make a long story short: pay billions of euros to bring them in, shelter them, feed them and so forth and so on (on taxpayer dollars). Wait a year. Realize your country did not need unskilled, illiterate, millions of so-called refugees who do not speak one EU language. Then pay off the Turkish ransom (in the billions) to slow the flow of refugees, which they can and will turn on any time they want to extort something. Finally, pay some of them if they will leave. How do you say epic fail in German?

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13 thoughts on “Here’s How Germany is Dealing with Angela Merkel’s Failed Immigration Policies

  1. How do you say “epic fail” in German?
    There’re two possible translations:
    “World War I” and “World War II”.

    • Well, there are no more virgins left due to the Rapefugees, so GoodAndTight can’t be used. Perhaps VeenerSchlider is appropriate…even for the livestock.

  2. I have some sympathy for the refugees, but who created this problem from its inception? Who created the failed states of Libya and Syria and isn’t it more effective to help them in their home countries? The answers seem elemental.

    • The responsible are ,as usual criminals politicians like Obongo , Sarkozy , Hollande , Cameron and the omnipresent CIA ( Criminals In Action ).
      But they are exempted from criminal proceedings …….because are western criminals if they were from some Slav country the trials would still be on now !

  3. The problem is that Merkel and the rest are owned by the friends of Soros and Barbara specter . Those people are contagious and spread the Multiculturalism dogma to other countries .Now Merkel after the horse have bolted she closes the stable door . In the meantime the criminality has gone to the roof and the parasites are there to drain resources from the German population .
    So it is not possible to openly criticize the immigration disaster , the idiots in charge or the government .
    In a fake democracy like Germany saying the truth is a criminal act.
    Ursula Haverbeck: 88-year-old Holocaust denier given six-month prison sentence .

  4. Wake up people. Liberals are not capable of managing themselves, let alone a nation. Do not vote them into office.

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