Here’s how Globalist Ideological/Cultural Hegemony Works in the West

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by Chris Black

Imagine if average people constantly spewed NAMBLA rhetoric, taken verbatim from NAMBLA figureheads, while furiously denying any accusations that they are pedophiles or that they support pedophilia. They instantly dismiss any evidence proving the origin of their rhetoric and instead claim that their beliefs are merely “being a good person.”

This is modern normies’ relationship with Western/Cultural Marxism. They have never heard of the Frankfurt School, or of works like Eros and Civilization, The Authoritarian Personality, and Sexuality In The Culture War. They have never heard of Marcuse or Adorno, or their protégés like Kim Crenshaw and Angela Davis. They have no idea that John Money fabricated the concept of “gender” or that Franz Boas destroyed the concept of race.

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Yet, their entire worldview consists of decades-old soundbites taken from these anti-White, anti-family propagandists. Westerners are born subsumed in Marxist ideology, but they have no idea that it exists, like water to a fish. If you try to pull them out, they’ll fight for their lives to jump back into the ocean.

While on the subject of Franz Boas, did you know that his #1 ideological influence was his uncle Abraham Jacobi, a Jewish Communist revolutionary and a close personal friend of Marx and Engels? 

Boasian anthropology (“race is a social construct”) is literally just racial Marxism.

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