Hey America, It's Not Health "Care" – It's Health Fraud!

I do not believe that there are too many people out there in America that are not well aware that “medical insurance” is not really “insurance” for human health or for medical treatment as much as it is healthcare insurance companies “profit guarantees”. Looking just at the moment at the Medicaid system, where MSM estimates for fraud range from $75 to $250 BILLION dollars per year…
…it is a wonder, at least to me, why no body seems to notice, nobody seems to care…

I am not sure what is meant by “fraud” however, because what I know from my oldest and dearest friend about the subject, leads me to think that the “legal” part is really damned bad as well.
My friend is an RN who works for a huge medical insurance company and his job is to follow up with “patients” who are foreign citizens, living in foreign countries and are receiving “legal” treatments, prescriptions, and therapies that are all paid for by the US Medicaid system. These patients all started out by coming to America and filling out forms such as those that request “protection” for political asylum in the USA. Once they get off the planes they go to hospitals to seek treatment for conditions, diseases, and maladies that they happen to have. Once they are done, they return to their countries and continue to receive treatment, prescriptions, and therapies for these conditions under the Medicaid plan.
My friend’s job is to follow up with each of these people every month to insure that they are reporting to their doctors for monthly “wellcare” visits, are continuing their prescriptions, and getting the therapies that were prescribed. They are even prescribed over the counter drugs such as Tylenol so that Medicaid will pay for these too.
Why is this being done and why is it legal you might ask? Because it is very, very profitable and is paid by the government so nobody cares, remember…

So I suppose that the only thing that can be said for the poor, dumb, loser American taxpayers is….Shut Up and Pay!
I cannot see anything solving anything. There is far too much money and corruption to keep the system headed down the crapper.
Every time government gets involved, the corruption levels skyrocket, the costs quadruple and the only result is failure. The government is completely corrupt and incompetent and IS the problem, just a Ronald Regan said.

h/t Black Knight