HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT Who Cut Up U.S. Flag and Replaced It With ISIS Flag One Week Ago, ARRESTED After Bomb He Brings To School Fails To Detonate

The IED story:

The ISIS flag story:

  • Hurricane High School in southwest Utah was vandalized early Thursday
  • American flag was found torn to shreds and replaced by an ISIS flag
  • Vandals spray painted ‘ISIS IS COMI’ on the side of the high school
  • FBI analysis of the flag indicates incident is not linked to the real Islamic State 

On February 15th, a suspect painted ISIS graffiti on a local high school, cut up the US flag hanging on the flagpole in front of the school, and replaced it with an ISIS flag. After investigating the flag, the FBI determined that there were no ties to the incident and the Islamic State. Now, we find out the high school student who was responsible for the graffiti and ISIS flag brought a bomb to school and was planning to detonate it in a common area of the high school.
This story probably won’t get much coverage, however, because no guns were involved.

A teenage student at Pine View High School in St. George, Utah, placed an explosive device within a backpack in a common area of the school. Another student noticed smoke coming from the backpack and informed teachers, prompting an evacuation. Police confirmed that while the device failed to explode, it “had the potential to cause significant injury or death.” Police also tied the student to a vandalism case at another nearby school where he had painted ISIS graffiti, put up an ISIS flag on the school flagpole, and cut up the U.S. flag.
Employees at Hurricane High School in southwest Utah discovered the US flag had been torn to shreds and replaced with an ISIS flag. Someone had also spray painted ‘ISIS IS COMI’ on a wall (Is it possible the suspect was painting “ISIS IS COMING” but had to stop for some reason?). The Hurricane Police Department sent images of the flag to the FBI for analysis. The FBI dismissed a connection with ISIS, stating: “Based on information we received from the FBI we do not believe this act was perpetrated by someone linked to the Islamic State.”