Higher Food Prices Were Only Supposed To Be Temporary, Now Dangerously Close To Arab Spring Levels

12-14 months ago we were told by food “experts” and deflationistas that food prices would only be up temporarily for a few months and would return to normal levels.

Prices Rising Faster Than Expected www.ntd.com/prices-rising-fas…​

Get ready for higher grocery bills for the rest of the year www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/ncna…​

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However, commodities prices rallying a lot since mid 2020 say otherwise.

Governments and central banks have also flooded the global economy with many trillions in new currency and credit units since February 2020 and a lot of that capital has been horrendously misallocated into maintaining or growing the sizes of government, bailouts or asset price inflation with the Cantillon Effect instead of being invested to satisfy consumer demand for food and helping to lower food prices with new supply.

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