Hilarious Video: Elizabeth Warren Visits NH Diner…Large Table Of Customers Ignore Her, As She Tries To Engage With Them

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The dishonest and disingenuous Elizabeth Warren is stumping for votes in New Hampshire in advance of their Democratic Party presidential primary elections tomorrow.

In the hilarious video below, Warren can be seen attempting to engage in conversation with a large table of patrons at a local diner. As she approaches the table, she tells the large group, ” I just wanna say ‘hello.’ It’s nice to see you!” A woman at the other end of the table shoots back, “I’m from Massachusetts and I know all about you,” as the people seated at the table turn their heads away from Democrat candidate. “Oh, good, good, I’m glad. Then you can tell everyone,” the Massachusetts Senator responds. “It’s good to see you all,” Warren tells the guests, as she waves at the cameras behind them.

Warren, sensing the group is not very interested in engaging with her, attempts to step away before things get ugly, as she makes small talk about the number of beautiful babies at the table.

As Senator Warren moves to the next table, it appears they too, are not interested in engaging with her, as she quickly moves on to the next table



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