Hillary & Bill Clinton Flying Commercial Without Secret Service – No More Freebies?

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by Thinker

Alternative media giving Laura Loomer the thumbs up on best video of the month. You can look as many times as I did, but it them! The Clinton’s on a commercial plane and where are all the friends with their private jets? No one wanted to give them a ride? Where were the secret service agents? Did Trump reverse the Bill Clinton order that gave past presidents excluding Jimmy Carter security for life? Should taxpayers have to foot the bill for security for rich past presidents? No! Maybe Trump has put an end to the freebie security at the expense of American taxpayers? If so, the debt number should roll back on this one.

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Hi, Folks –

Folks are scratching their heads over this video of Bill and Hillary on a commercial flight, and allegedly without Secret Service security. I’m not sure the “without security” part has been demonstrated by this clip, however. And, curiously, I haven’t thus far seen anyone saying where the flight was going. One speculation offered by some is that Trump’s December EO may have resulted in the freezing of Clinton assets, making a more private flight something no longer within their budget.

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