Hillary Clinton – “I think it’s a lot harder for Americans to know what they’re suppose to believe”.

by kit8642


During Hillary’s recent interview with Obama’s former Campaign Manager, where she accused Steiner and Gabbard of being Russian agents, she made a very important point on controlling the publics beliefs (Starts at 8:30 – Quote is at 10:30):

I think it’s a lot harder for Americans to know what they’re suppose to believe.

This admission is pretty fascinating and true. Although the media is still really effective at controlling what people think, they still have an issue with outside points of view getting into the consciousness of the public. IMO Hillary was identifying the Action in Problem>Action>Solution (aka hegelian dialectic). The establishment created this problem by eroded journalism since the OJ trial and are one of the largest purveyors of disinformation. They are now upset they have trouble selling their bullshit and using it to justify what’s to come, which is a gutting of the 1st amendment (Extradition and prosecution of Julian Assange ) and implementation of reputations scores and HARPA.

Just thought it was an interesting comment and spot on for a lady who lies and will smear anyone who doesn’t agree with her beliefs. Cheers.



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