Hillary for Prison: WHO Will JASON CHAFFETZ And TREY GOWDY Call To Testify In Their New Unobstructed Probe Into HILLARY CLINTON? – PLUS, UPDATE ON ERIC BRAVERMAN!

by Pamela Williams
Representative Jason Chaffetz and Trey Gowdy are leading the way in Congress in an unobstructed investigation into Hillary Clinton’s unsecured email server. President-elect Trump ran his campaign partially on the slogan: “lock her up”, but now he has backed off to some extent, but Rep.Jason Chaffetz has been handed the torch that hopefully will put Clinton away. Trey Gowdy is helping Chaffetz, and these two are determined and very aggressive. Hillary also destroyed 30,000 emails…unheard of, as you do not destroy evidence.
Along with Rep.Chaffetz and Trey Gowdy, it should have been… hopefully… our next Attorney General, Sessions, but Sessions has had to recuse himself from this investigation, due to comments he made during the campaign. I am not worried about that, as Chaffetz and Gowdy will have whomever they need to get the job done. I have been wondering who they will call to testify, and we will talk about that below. First I want to share a portion of the article from the Washington Examiner:

Chaffetz wants to review the security clearances of Clinton aides who helped manage the “extremely careless” email process described by FBI Director James Comey. Chaffetz said he is inclined to hold Bryan Pagliano, a key Clinton IT aide, in contempt of Congress for flouting subpoenas last year. “You can’t just get a subpoena from Congress to testify and not show up,” he said.
The Utah Republican wants to target more senior officials, such as State Department Under Secretary for Management Patrick Kennedy, in light of FBI suggestions that he tried to set up a “quid pro quo” with the FBI to suppress revelations that Clinton’s email server held classified information.
FBI leadership could also be a live target of the review, as Republicans are troubled that Va. Gov Terry McAuliffe, a longtime ally of the Clintons, made campaign donations to the wife of Andrew McCabe, the agency’s second-in-command. “I’m very concerned about the straight-up conflict of interest that Mr. McCabe had,” Chaffetz said. “That’s something we’ll continue to spend resources on.”
Trump regularly led “lock her up” chants on the campaign trail, but Chaffetz hinted that the collaboration might not be as automatic as the party registration of Trump and the lawmakers might suggest. “It depends how cooperative the administration is going to be. We’re going to work with [White House General Counsel Don] McGahn and [incoming] Attorney General Sessions and others to see what sort of documents and what sort of access we’re going to be allowed.”
Even if the White House does sign off, Chaffetz suggested that lower level State Department officials might hamper the probe. “We’re still dealing with the massive bureaucracy; changing the secretary of state doesn’t necessarily change the whole bureaucracy,” Chaffetz said. “I don’t want this to linger, but the reason we’re still talking about it now is because stuff that we’ve been asking for since 2010 still hasn’t arrived.”

Now, I am going to cover news on this investigation into Hillary Clinton from an investigator, George Webb, who has made a whole video series on Hillary Clinton, and the missing Ex-CEO of the Clinton Foundation, Eric Braverman.  I am going to work from his new video, as he discusses who Jason Chaffetz might call to testify.  Some of us thought this day would never come, but we were wrong…Praise God.

Lets look at who George Webb thinks Chaffetz will call to testify.:
1.  Sidney Blumenthal – Hillary’s best friend and Intelligence advisor.
2.  David Petraeus – General Petraeus worked with Hillary on deals.
3.  Huma Abedin – Hillary’s aide and close confidant.
4.  Phillipe Reinus – Hillary’s coordinator.
5.  Jake Sullivan – Hillary’s aide.
6.  Mike Morrell – CIA.
7.  Mike Popvic – Associate from OPTOR.
8.  Possibly Marc Turi, who is the arms dealer who was set up as the fall guy in OPERATION ZEROPOINT by Hillary and Obama.  I thought Marc Turi was probably dead, but Webb is indicating he is not.  I am so glad to hear that.
Webb says this will be similar to Watergate or bigger.  Sex trafficking is a big deal in this investigation. 
9.  Chaffetz may call 102 Jane Does Jeff Epstein used as underage prostitutes.
10.  1,100 hidden donors of the Clinton Foundation.
11.  Monica Peterson’s associates from the Denver School she graduated from.  (Peterson is the girl murdered in Haiti investigating sex trafficking.)
12.  DynCorp and Osprey Global.
13..  David Grange of Osprey Global.
14.  Frank Guistra, who has the list of the 1,100 hidden Clinton donors.
15.  650,000 emails.
16.  Any pay for play actors.
The list just keeps widening.
You are looking at a big deal here, and I pray it all goes forth according to the way George Webb explains it.
Further, for those of you following the disappearance of Eric Braverman, George has information he made a phone call from the SouthEast area of the United States, and it turned out to be from an FBI office.  This should make all of us breathe a sigh of relief.  He is alive, and it sounds like he is with the FBI.
Further, Webb informs us that Eric did go to the Russian Embassy for help in the beginning.  Yes, what was called fake news was true!
It seems Eric is not with his partner Neil Brown at this time, as Neil is seemingly working on an oil pipeline project.
You must listen to Webb as he speaks about vaccines and the connection to DynCorp.  This will blow your mind.  Must hear this!
It is good to discover George thinks Marc Turi is still alive!
Webb is also reaching out to New York Prosecutor Preet Bharara to go forward with the release of the 650,000 emails and to go forward with the investigation into the Clinton Foundation.
Also, no more interviewing in one room.  Webb says the sex trafficking must stop!  Also, there will be more go down who are involved in this.
George also wants to know if Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin was in Haiti when Monica Peterson was murdered!
The whole Haiti operation must become open, and all the agents involved there could be called to testify.