Hillary sprains hand… Dems have had enough

Hillary now sprains her HAND after falling TWICE down the stairs: Injury-prone Clinton cancels trip to a fort in India and is told to rest by doctors following yet another injury

  • Hillary Clinton again slipped on stairs during a visit to India on Monday

  • She is there promoting her book explaining her 2016 presidential loss  

  • Tuesday it was reported she sprained her hand- its unclear if it happened during the fall in which she braced herself with her hand on stone steps

  • Follows her October 2017 spill in a London hotel that left her with broken toe

  • Clinton’s September 2016 collapse at the 9/11 memorial raised health concerns

Hillary Clinton sprained her hand during her visit to India, after taking a nasty spill on the stairs while out touring a palace on Monday.

It is not yet clear if the hand injury was a direct result of Monday’s incident in which she fell not once but twice on the stairs and was pictured using her hand to brace her fall.

As a result of her injury she was forced to cancel a handful of visits. Doctors attended to the former presidential candidate at Umaid Bhawan Palace where she is staying.

The team of doctors from a private hospital nearby determined her injury was a sprain, and advised her to rest it, according to Times of India.


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Dems are angry over Hillary Clinton’s latest comments

Democrats are angry that Hillary Clinton continues to discuss what went wrong during the 2016 presidential election against President Trump.
Even some of Clinton’s own former aides and surrogates say the former Democratic presidential nominee should back away from the discussion about her failed campaign because it’s harmful to the party.
During a conference in India this weekend, Clinton called states that supported her in the election more economically advanced than the states that backed Trump.
The remarks reminded many of the former secretary of State’s comments in 2016 that some of Trump’s supporters fit in a “basket of deplorables,” a line the Republican then used against her repeatedly during the final stretch of the campaign.
She also insinuated that women who voted for Trump were motivated by “ongoing pressure to vote the way that your husband, your boss, your son, whoever, believes you should.”
In interviews with The Hill on Tuesday, even the staunchest Clinton allies as well as longtime advisers say the comments were cringeworthy and ultimately detrimental to Democrats.
“She put herself in a position where [Democrats] from states that Trump won will have to distance themselves from her even more,” said one former senior Clinton aide. “That’s a lot of states.”


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