Historic Flooding Disaster in Texas Unfolding NOW! List of Evacuations

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LIVE COVERAGE: Immediate evacuations issued for Granite Shoals residents along lakefront



Texas Flooding Triggers Bridge Collapse; Evacuations, Water Rescues Underway

At a Glance

  • A body was recovered near a bridge in south-central Texas during major flooding.
  • Gov. Greg Abbott declared in the 18 counties affected by the severe weather.
  • Water rescues were reported Tuesday morning in Segovia, Texas.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott declared a state of emergency for the 18 counties affected by the heavy rain that triggered major flooding along several rivers and creeks Thursday. Evacuations and water rescues continue in the area.

According to Texas Rep. Terry Wilson, a body was discovered in Burnet County along the Colorado River between Kingsland and Granite Shoals, KXAN reports.

Earlier in the day, a section of the FM 2900 bridge collapsed in Kingsland, where the Llano River meets the Colorado River. The bridge collapse sent chunks of the bridge down the Llano River, according to a tweet.

In Leander, a school bus driver and a student were rescued from floodwaters, according to a Williamson County press release shared to social media. Two others were transported to an area hospital after they were rescued from a vehicle trapped in high water.


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The Army Corps didn’t provide us with a list of the nation’s worst dams. Texas alone has over 7,000 hazardous dams that threaten lives but detailed lists are kept secret by state government which said it can’t let such information fall into the hands of terrorists.

The Army Corps has committed $75 million to completely replace the big gates on both Addicks and Barker dams. Work is just now beginning and will take up to four years to complete.


Austin would be in grave danger if even one of those goes


Because of high, fast-moving floodwaters, LCRA also has closed lakes Travis, Marble Falls, LBJ, Inks and Buchanan until further notice.

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This is a serious flood; please take precautions to protect people and property. We encourage you to follow local news media and NOAA Weather Radio for updated information about changing weather conditions.


Active evacuations:

Llano: Residents within 1/4 of a mile of the Llano River (Shelters at Kingsland Community Center, First Baptist Church, and Inman’s Kitchen)
Marble Falls: Live Oak, Lakeshore Drive, Pecan Circle, Backbone, Barrier Lane, Louise, Edith, So. Ave. J, 2147 W, Waterside and RV Park (Shelters at the City of Meadowlakes City Hall and Marble Falls Middle School)
Granite Shoals: lakefront residents (Shelter at the First Baptist Church at 505 S. Phillips Ranch Road)
Shady River RV Park on the San Gabriel River east of Georgetown
Horseshoe Bay: Residents on Lighthouse Drive, part of Island Drive to Goose Point, and Wenmohs
Highland Haven on Lake LBJ




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