Hollywood leaving Twitter already

It only took a few days to have Hollywood celebrities leaving Twitter in a huff. They all say they will go to another social media. I suggest Trump’s.

Hollywood hits delete: Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover sends celebrities to different social media platforms
Sara Bareilles revealed she was leaving Twitter amid Hollywood backlash following Elon Musk’s takeover of the social media platform just days before.

Bareilles joined a chorus of celebrities leaving Twitter following the SpaceX billionaire finally acquiring the site and becoming CEO after finalizing a $44 billion takeover Thursday

Shonda Rhimes, the creator and writer of “Grey’s Anatomy” and its spin-off “Private Practice,” tweeted, “Not hanging around for whatever Elon has planned. Bye.”

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This is Us” director and director Ken Olin tweeted, “Hey all, I’m out of here. No judgement. Let’s keep the faith. (DrC: Let’s keep the faith in our lord satan is what he meant)

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“Why haven’t you left already? Once you do, Twitter will thankfully be less WOKE. Good riddance!!!”

“Yet you’re still here? Why say you’re leaving when you don’t actually LEAVE? Oh, that’s right… you thrive on ATTENTION. Twitter will thankfully be less woke once you close your account. Good riddance.”


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